ORI / by Nathan Judd

We have just wrapped up Ori and entered her in this years Institute of Architecture awards.

Ori is a six storey contemporary mixed use commercial building in the rapidly evolving Braddon context. The building integrates apartments and two levels of bespoke commercial spaces housing a dynamic community of traders including clothing, ice cream, homewares, barbers, architects, photographers, cafes and soon to be whole foods, restaurants, gym and yoga studio.

Ori responds to the post light industrial context of Braddon and offers both a re-exploration and reintroduction of the latent high street and arcade languages as well as presenting a developed sculptural and contemporary identity to the street.

Importantly for Canberra the project explores the latency of the first floor and its relationship to the urban street. The introduction of the balcony at first floor creates a new urban domain that informs the vibrancy of the street, offers the benefit of passive and active surveillance, and provides a stage set for a secondary elevated address for commercial activities.This project brings to Canberra a new model of mixed use vitality.