Documentation / by Nathan Judd

We have been wrapping up the tender documentation for one of our big projects over the last few days. 

We are developing ways of communicating that are clear and fast to understand for those involved. 

Al from the office has been providing simple scheduling and combining this with exploded axonometric views to readily describe our projects. By providing the contractors with this simple visual language, it allows others to more readily engage with our projects. We are also building in check material quantity figures to make everyone's job easier.

At the moment, information is still generally communicated on drawings and in 2d format in the building industry. This seems so antiquated when we live in the digital age.

Over the coming years the interface between design software systems and manufacturing is really going to transform the way we build. There will be plenty of opportunity for design ideas that would be considered impossible today.

Obviously we also liked playing with lego as kids...