KINGSBOROUGH / by Nathan Judd

NGJA has been invited to design two buildings in the exciting Block 1, Section 60, Kingsborough precinct. 

'Warehouse' is a building inspired by the raw industrial spaces that artists and the bohemian set have long ago converted to housing in the ex industrial areas of major cities. We have created spaces ripe for creation, with large factory windows, high ceilings and plumbing and service points at the ready. Buy one module or two, one stacked above another and then create your dream apartment-  We have also created a tranquil internal courtyard flanked by a metal gantry and common-style inspired escape stairs.

'Shophouse' is a building inspired by Paris and the Haussmann style apartment buildings of this great city. The first two floors are shop house apartments with ground level home offices fronting onto a landscaped urban piazza ( Central) . Live and work in the same space. The building is designed in a glamorous gold colour with a deconstructed bubble moment related to the piazza to create over scale balconies for the mid level apartments. This elegant building is topped with two storey mansard apartments tucked into the sloping roof to give that great feeling of knowing that you are in the top of a building looking out at the beautiful world. 

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