Our Work Marries Form, Function and Budget

We Undertake Coast Houses, Rural Houses, Knock Down Rebuilds, Alterations and Additions


Survey- We will organise for a Surveyor to undertake a detailed survey of the site identifying boundaries, easements and location of site services

Existing Features - We will identify any relevant site features that will inform or limit the concept design

View and Aspect - an examination of the relevant site features will be undertaken

Constraints- We will liase with the relevant authority to determine identified constraints that affect the site e.g. flooding, fire, geotechnical issues etc

Controls- We will review the relevant planning constraints, setbacks, envelope controls, height limits and zoning that will impact upon the proposal


Brief - We will develop a detailed brief setting out the client requirements for the project. This will form the driving impetus for the design 

Precedents - Appropriate precedents buildings will be discuss and identified with client input. This will help flavour the concept design outcomes

Budget- We have experience of different budget types and can provide advice on current building costs. We like to confirm the budget by using a Quantity Surveyor following concept design

Our Proposal - We will provide the client with a lump sum fee setting out the services required by the client

Concept Design

Concepts Option Studies - Typically we develop a series of three resolved options exploring planning, aesthetic, composition and spatial qualities. This is developed with through several meetings as together we explore the opportunities of the site, the brief and together we refine the design.

3D Imagery and Physical Models - This design exploration is supported through the production of a series of floor plans,  physical models and 3d imagery of the developed schemes


Costing and Approval

Quantity Surveyor -

We provide the agreed concept plan, list of allowances and preliminary scope to a Quantity Surveyor to develop a cost plan 

This is then a very useful tool to discuss with the client and inform the scope of the project moving forward

The client can then become confident that the proposal and the budget are in sympathy


Approval Process - We prepare the development approval application including drawings , written report, BASIX certificate and submit to the relevant Certifier, Council or ACTPLA

This process generally takes about 3-6 months for a non contentious Development Application to be approved by the relevant government authority


Documentation - Prepare comprehensive documentation drawings clearly setting out the work, these drawings will include, dimensioned plans, sections, elevations, window and door elevations and hardware schedule, electrical fittings and lighting layout and construction details

Specification - include the author name in the article entry title area next to the date

Engineer - We will brief and coordinate the input of the structural engineer and any other required consultants

Energy Efficiency - We will brief and coordinate the provision of the required certification

Entity - We will liase with and confirm entity approval requirements and incorporate in the documentation


Kitchen - We will design the joinery and elevation drawings of the kitchen, bathroom and any built in storage including wardrobes.

Bathrooms- sets the color of the overlay when product list titles are set to 'overlay.'


Joinery - determines whether product images fill the image area or fit within.




Tender - Coordinate the provision of the construction documentation package to up to three builders, answer questions that arise from the builders, assessment of the received price and assistance with negotiation with the preferred builder

Contract - We will administer an appropriate ABIC  contract, SW-2008 H ACT,  between the client and the builder

Site Attendance - We will attend site fortnightly to ensure the building is being completed as per the documentation, respond to the builder’s queries, and clarify any issues that arise on site

Instructions -  This will be administered through the issuing of Architects  instructions.

Report - We  write a monthly client report setting out progress to date, proposed work in the coming month and an assessment of the builders monthly claim